Train Schedules Nearest to Krabi
Photo: Southern Express Train at Bangkok's Main Hua Lampong Station

Train Schedule From Trang, Thung Song, & Surat Thani To Bangkok


Each train to the south has different configurations depending on the types of carriages attached. Check at booking what is available. For Trang trains, their carriages are hitched to another train in Thung Song, so the type of seats available may not be the same on the same train from other destinations. Trang prices will be slightly higher. Surat Thani and Thung Song trains are the same (with the exception of the daytime one going to Bangkok). [See train route map below.]


Except for the starting time at the origin, train schedules are erratic. This is mostly caused by the fact the Southern Route has a single track, so trains have to wait at junctions, sidings, or stations for trains going in the opposite direction. One late train messes up a bunch of others.

Check the State Railway of Thailand’s for details on schedules, prices, and specifics of each train. (See Schedules Below.) 

First Class. Each First Class compartment has 2 facing seats. At night (around 9:00 PM or at request if both passengers agree), two bunk beds are folded out: an upper and a lower. Each is about 2 meters long. There is a sink and fold away table. Toilets are shared with other compartments. Sometimes First Class can be extremely cold, even under the light blanket provided – be prepared. First Class seats are limited, so advanced booking is recommended. 


Air-conditioned Sleeper                    [Price is around Baht 1,300]

[All Pricing is to Thung Song - mid price between Surat and Trang]

Second Class. There are 4 types of carriages: air-conditioned seating; air-conditioned sleeper; fan sleeper; and fan seating. All have sets of facing seats. The sleeper seats are converted to upper and lower berths. Second class can be noisy as each carriages is like a dormitory.


           Air-conditioned Sleeper      Upper bunk           [Price is around Baht 800]

Lower bunk            [Around Baht 900]


Fan Sleeper                        Upper bunk            [Around Baht 525]

Lower bunk            [Around Baht 575]


Air-conditioned Seat                                          [Around Baht 600]

Fan Seat                                                            [Around Baht 480]


Third Class may be wooden or lightly padded seat. No booking or reserved seats are available. For the overnight trip to the south, Third Class is for the hardy traveler who can sleep anywhere.


Air-conditioned Seat                                          [Around Baht 420]

           Fan Seat                                                            [Around Baht 315]


Refreshment cars are available on most trains. Food is basic, but the beer is usually cold. At each station, vendors sell an amazing variety of food and drinks. Lots of kebabs of different meats. These are good and easy to eat with sticky rice. Most travelers will not go hungry. Vegetarians may have trouble getting much beyond sweets and snacks.

Train Schedule from Trang, Thung Song, & Surat Thani to Bangkok

Combined Van, Bus, and Train Schedule from Krabi to Bangkok

Train Schedule from Bangkok to Surat Thani, Thung Song, and Trang

                                                                                                                                               Map Courtesy of State Railways of Thailand