Krabi Information for Engaged Travelers
Photo by Thomas©: Railay Peninsula, Krabi



Krabi is a great place to visit.

The variety of natural beauty is unmatched in Thailand. Dramatic, lush, jungle-clad limestone mountains stretch across the landscape and jut out of the inviting Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay. It’s a for-real, tropical paradise.

Nature’s wondrous mix of unpolluted mountains, jungle, caves, waterfalls, islands, and beaches, provides the backdrop for passing the time relaxing or engaging in active, outdoor adventures. Languorous or strenuous—it’s your choice. There’s never a lack of interesting things to do.

All types of visitors from the budget-minded backpacker to the traveler looking for the ultimate in luxury will find something to meet their individual needs. Spend a little or a lot. Stay in a remote, thatched hut or a Ritz-Carlton villa.

Whether single, a couple, or with a family, young or elderly, local residents will welcome you warmly with unpretentious local hospitality in an environment considerably less developed and crowded than the other major tourist areas of Thailand.

Come and see for yourself. Those of us who live here believe that Mother Nature often visits Krabi for inspiration! TEAM


We are confident that nobody knows Krabi and surrounding areas better than the team at The Thai members of the team are natives of Krabi, and the American has lived and worked in Thailand on-and-off for over 40 years. He has lived in Krabi for 12 years.

Our aim is to give visitors the best advice and support possible, and to offer options for the visitor at all price levels that are based on up-to-date information. We try our best to select service organizations that have good reputations and offer good value for their services.

We can arrange anything from group tours to private, custom-designed itineraries. We know of hotels, restaurants, and activities hidden around the region, off the beaten track.

Imparting a ‘sense of place’ is complex. Life experiences filter what we see, feel, and think about when visiting someplace new. Your primal landscape—where you spent your early and formative years—will have a major impact. How we see Krabi will be different from you. Our perceptions might even be contradictory.


In this highly personalized view of Krabi, our intent is to share some facts, impressions, and thoughts about locations and events in a way that deepens your understanding of various aspects of this southern Thai province, and to synthesize the sum of its parts: geography, climate, flora, fauna, history, culture, religion, and people.


We want to share our belief that Krabi (and the Andaman Coast of southern Thailand) is one the world’s special places.

This is not a simple visitors’ guide, but rather a discursive rumination on all things ‘Krabi.’

When your travels are finished, we want you to feel that you have seen beneath the surface and feel that Krabi was worth knowing. We don’t want you to leave quoting Gertrude Stein, “There is no there there.” Rather, we would like your time spent here to be engaging and interesting in a way that fills your mind with a senses of wonder, having experienced a different culture and physical surroundings. And that you did more than just sit on the beach or dash from place to place taking pictures or shopping.


Please contact us for any of your travel needs for Krabi and neighboring areas. We can save you time and money through our in-depth understanding of the area. We can help you to plan your visit and prevent uncertainty when accommodation and transportation is difficult to arrange during peak periods (December through April).

We have organized our website to separate the information and services sections so sales ads don't distract. We believe that if we can give you good, reliable information, you are more likely to contact us for advice and services.

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