General Safety


Crime & General Safety

Krabi is safe if one uses common sense.


For visitors, the crime rate is very low. Take care of your valuables (passport, credit cards, money, cameras, & mobile devices): lock them in hotel safes or carry them with you. Don’t leave them unguarded on a beach or while traveling by bus, train, or boat.


Given the size of the local and tourist population, violent crime, by world standards, is low. Thai police and judicial system generally handle cases with professional care, in spite of some high profile cases. One incident per year, which becomes an international sensation, does not make Thailand unsafe. Its crime statistics for visitors are extremely low. 

Hooking up with questionable ‘bad boy—bad girl’ types, or putting yourself in situations you would not get into in your home country, will always pose some risk. Getting drunk or drugged to the point of being unable to react to your surroundings is potentially dangerous anywhere.

Saying 'NO' to an unwanted advance does not carry the same emotional, cultural, and legal weight in a male dominated society like Thailand, so avoid situations where a 'no' might be required.


If you get involved with shady business deals (especially land), expect to end up with serious problems. If you take up with someone else’s love interest, likewise. It is not uncommon for Thais to settle their differences with guns (unregistered, of course), and Krabi nightclubs are known to have occasional shoot-outs. If you act like a trouble-making local, you could end up at the wrong end of a gun also.


Drug dealings come with a lot of risk. Every kind of narcotic, including marijuana and magic mushrooms is illegal—like most places in the world. Sting operations by special police are common, and dealers will not hesitate to take care of problem clients (by their definition of ‘problem’—not yours). Drugs may also be contaminated with dangerous unknown substances. Don’t be an idiot and place yourself at risk for fleeting moments of ecstasy.


The greatest danger to visitors is motorcycles. Accidents are common. Many visitors rent motorcycles, never having driven one before. Rules of the road in Thailand are different, and motorcycles do not have the same lane rights as a car. And, some high-risk are out to prove that they are macho-men/tough-women who don’t need to wear helmets. It’s your life, but have some consideration of the grief you might cause others. Wear a helmet, and drive with care. You aren’t Valentino Rossi.

In the last year, several visitors have drowned due to boat accidents. In almost all cases, these people were not wearing life vests. Do NOT board vessels that do not have these vests easily accessible. The fact that you are a good swimmer does not lessen the need for a vest. If you knock your head, your swimming skills will be useless.

If a visitor encounters any problems with locals behaving inappropriately, they should report the situation to the Tourist Police. If a hotel, tour, or transport company do not deliver on agreed deals, they should also be reported to the police, and an email should be sent to the Tourist Authroity of Thailand's (TAT) Krabi Office ( Licenced tourism related companies are required to post a bond guarantee with the TAT, and this can be confiscated if a company commits fraud.