Accommodations in Krabi Town
Phote Above: Dee Andaman Hotel, Krabi Town

Krabi Town Hotel Map & Hotel List

The map and hotel lists for Krabi Town are divided into 3 sections:

  • Krabi Town: A map of the major part of Krabi Town with hotels and major landmarks. This map only shows the hotels that are not in the Krabi Town Center map.
  • Krabi Town Center: A more detailed view of the central part of the town with a corresponding hotel list.
  • Krabi Town Northern Section: This map lists the hotels in the northern part of Krabi Town towards the main highway at Talad Kao.

The hotels are listed from the bottom of each map to the top (south to north). A hotel list follows each map and contains details on each hotel. We try hard to keep this information up-to-date, but it is probably that there are some errors in information (which is hard to get for the smaller questhouses).

An alphabetical list of Krabi Town Hotels can be found on another page (Link).

Additional Krabi Town Maps & Hotel Lists

See Krabi Town Center Map for an enlarged map and hotel list for the center of Krabi Town.(Link)

See Krabi Town Northern Section Map for a map and hotel list for the northern area near the highway. (Link)