Touring Around Krabi
Photo Above: Maya Bay at Phi Phi Ley Island


Touring Krabi

Many different types of tours are availabe in Krabi.

The most economical are the group tours offered by a range of tour operators. The size of the group depends on the type of tour and the operators, but typically range from 4 to 35 guests. These include:

Island Tours

Nature Tours

Active Tours

Sightseeing Tours

At Krabi Travel, we only recommend reputable operators who provide good service with safe operations. We have good relations with the top operators at all price levels.

Private Tours for individuals, pairs, and small groups can be arranged by some of the best tour operators. These are more expensive, but provide flexibility with timing and other arrangements.

Krabi Travel can design custom tours for travelers who want something different. These tours need to be arranged in advance, depending on the complexity and time of year.


Thai Phrom Mangrove Park
Ao Leuk District
View of Tha Lane Bay and Phu Khao Thong (Golden Mountain) from the Top of Naga Head Peak
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