Group Tours


Group Tours

Group Tours have both advantages and disadvantages.

Group Tours are cheaper due to the economies of scale. For most tours in Krabi the deciding factor on price is the price of fuel. Manpower, equipment, and food costs are relatively low, but fuel is bought at the world price (plus Thai Government taxes).

Buses and large ferry boats offer the cheapest forms of transport. Tour vans are also relatively good value. Speedboats and sedans are the most expensive.

The disadvantage of groups tours is the lack of flexibility and joining with other travelers whom you don't know. The size of a group is dependent on the size of the means of transport. Some island tours use speedboats, some long-tail boats, and some larger boats. Speedboats can carry up to 35 passengers, long-tails 30, and the big boats near one hundred. Vans are limited to 12-14, while large song taew, pick-up truck buses can fit 25 passengers.

Tours will reflect their prices through: the quality and professionalism of the guides and staff, the quality of the equipment, the quality of food and refreshments, and the distances traveled. In most cases, cheaper tours will be of a lower quality with more people.

Operations in Krabi tend towards the informal and friendly, rather than the efficient and attention to details.

Tours are highly competitive with many operators offering the same basic tour and services. Very few travel agents run the tours themselves. The agent receives a booking fee from the operator. Many operators do not sell tour tickets directly, but rely on agents. The price of buying from an operator will usually be the same as from an agent. Some tour agents discount from the recommended price, but these are usually agents who offer minimal service with no follow-up responsibilities.

At Krabi Travel we list tours with good relative value and good reputations for service and safety, and we provide full service with follow-up. We do not add a service charge to credit card payments.


Island Tours



Island Tours can be grouped into 5 areas.

The first is the northern islands of Phang Nga Bay northwest of Krabi. These tours are labelled 'James Bond Island Tours.' The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed on one of the small islands many years ago when there were no tourists. Now, this is the most 'touristy' of all the Krabi tours, with many visitors coming from Phuket. This is a sighseeing trip.

The second tour itinerary is Koh Hong and surrounding islands, off the Naga Coast of Khlong Muang north of Ao Nang. Koh Hong is arguably the most beautiful of the islands near Krabi. There are smaller islands nearby with beautiful beaches and one small coral reef. These tours are sold as Hong Island or Lagoon Island Tours. Swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking can be combined on these tours.

The third area for tours is the islands off of Ao Nang. These are the most popular tours as these islands are close by and boat travel is not affected as much by sea conditions (related to rain and winds). The tours include swimming and snorkeling.

The fourth set of islands is south of Lanta Island in Trang Province. Due to the distance, these tours are fewer and the islands less crowded with visitors during peak season.

The 5th group of islands are around Koh Rok, south of Lanta. These are the furthest out islands reached from Krabi and Trang, are therefore the most expensive and longest. The quality of swimming and snorkeling is worth the price and time. 


Nature Tours & Adventure Tours


Krabi's natural setting is spectacular.

Land tours might take you to the Emerald Pool and Hot Springs or the Phanom Bencha National Park.
Maya Bay, Phi Phi Ley Island
Phi Ley Bay at Phi Phi Ley Island
Poda Island (One of 4 Islands)